Non Profit Organization Empowering Disadvantaged Communities
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How can I participate in this wonderful project?



You can participate in one of the following ways:



Make a donation



You can make a donation to Vukani-Ubuntu Community Development Projects. You can transfer funds into our bank account and send us an email/fax stipulating what you would like the funds to be used for eg. Sponsoring a student, equipment, etc.


CSI Partnerships



Our experience in the social sector as individuals and a non-profit organisation give us direct insight into the social issues at ground level. We are also aware of the other side of the coin - the challenges corporate organisation face when dealing with social development. Vukani-Ubuntu knows the non-profit industry and can provide corporate social investment strategy consulting. Apart from that, Vukani can VET NPOs, guide you to invest in one of our successful projects, or form other NPO partnerships with sustainable value to all parties - especially hdi beneficiaries.


Our Bank Details



Account Name:Vukani-Ubuntu
Community Development Project


Bank Name:Nedbank

Account Number:1633 370046

BranchName:Arcadia, Pretoria

Branch Code:163 345

Reference:Your Surname and Initials


Be a Volunteer



Vukani can use all the help in Human Resources that we can get to assist us in developing underprivileged communities. If you have a talent or skills that you want to share with us on a part-time voluntary basis, please contact our General Manager:


Anel (